Akiko Manada’s Home Page

Akiko Manada

Welcome to Akiko Manada’s Homepage.

Assistant Professor

Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering

The University of Electro-Communications

Email: amanada[at]uec.ac.jp


Research Interests:

My research interests mainly lie in discrete mathematics, especially graph theory.

I am also interested in applying background on graph theory towards the following research areas.

  • Coding Theory (Error Correcting Codes and Constrained Codes)
  • Reliable Communication for Wireless Body Area Networks
  • Analysis on Network Topology

Research Outline

Research Collaborators:

Teaching in 2017:

  • Computer Literacy (UEC, the first term)
  • Seminar A/B (UEC, the first term)


Last updated on April 26, 2017.